Giorgia Ori (Boston, 1991) 

Projects Development. Community and Digital Programme.

Erika Gaibazzi (Parma, 1990) 
Head of Finance. Art Registrar and Artist Liaison.

Federica Pilloni (Rome, 1994)
Vice president. Head of Installation Department. Outreach Program. Collectors and VIP Relations.

Sara Van Bussel (Desenzano del Garda, 1993)

Curator. Head of Essays&Papers Department. Youth and Outreach Programme.
Laura Colantonio (Rome, 1976)
Curator and Research Dept "Interspecies Phenomena and Relationships". Public Programme.

Michela Eremita.
Art curator; co-founder of Museo per Bambini di Siena; co-founder of Grand Tour Italie. 
Carlo Sala. Art critic; art director; curator at Fondazione Francesco Fabbri.
Riccardo Spalacci. Anthropologist and researcher.
Elisa Mossa. Artist and councilor for culture for the city of Urbania.

Cristina Ginnecchia (Palermo, 1993), interns supervisor and Florilegium's tours coordinator.
2021 interns&co.

Sabrina Ingrid Umutoniwase (Ruanda, 2000), Erika Dal Bon (Bologna, 1997)
Christian Kollo (Mbanga, 1998), Viviana Sacchi (Cremona, 1996).

KATH, A.I. Intern co-created with Maecenas Studio. More info here.