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nature and humans (2020)

July 7th, 2020.

We hosted a creative workshop at Biblioteca di Alice inside Parco Ducale. The children, and their parents, walked to discover the magic of the park and its natural beauty. Each child was able to collect plants to later create their first personal herbarium.

With artist Gianluca Quaglia, everyone has put their own imagination into play by answering the question "what shape does snow have?" through pencils, colors, and clay.


The workshop wanted to be a profound moment of reflection, connection, and creativity, to the rediscovery of a new way of relating to nature and approaching art. At the same time, we worked on the idea of collecting and treasuring, which is central to Rebecca Louise Law's art practice. The kids were then walked through Rebecca's exhibition Florilegium inside Oratorio di San Tiburzio.

This activity is part of Parma Capitale Cultura Estate 2020 and possible thanks to Comune di Parma.

June 28th, 2020.

On Sunday June 28th, 2020 we invited local families to discover the magic behind Florilegium- with a special and urgent focus on ecology which we believe should be a topic of conversation since an early age. Florilegium is the first solo show in Italy by artist Rebecca Louise Law, a site-specific installation inside of Oratorio di San Tiburzio.  Central in the artist’s practice, and in the lab, is the idea of recycling.

The kids were welcomed with an organic snack, and home made sustainable notebooks in which to attach and draw local flowers... so to begin their first journey towards the collection of dried plants and connection with nature. Families were finally invited to bring home the materials and continue the activity during time. This activity was part of Parma Capitale Cultura Estate 2020 by Comune di Parma.

February 2020.

Violets picking and conservation. Workshops for families and locals developed with the support of ParmaColorViola, the most ancient city organization for the protection of violet flowers (1870), and Biblioteca di Alice, the kid's library inside the Parco Ducale di Parma.

The objective we reached with this activity was to pick 100 flowers and add them to Rebecca Louise Law exhibition as a symbol of inclusive art.

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