OTTN Projects

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Established in 2018, OTTN Projects is a non-profit organization that creates connections between art, culture, and people through contemporary art experiences. This female-run business promotes new formats of operating in the art scene, moved by the creative freedom of our generation.


We work towards new communication methods and alternative ways of exhibiting art, believing that art should reach all sorts of communities. 

The projects we work on can be divided into two broad categories: projects devoted to artists' support, and projects which focus on physically bringing art closer to the people.

OTTN Projects contributes to content creation within the art world through a podcast,an artist's archive, community support, and more.


The core purpose of the operation is to find and support emerging artists while facilitating the interaction between them and different communities.  

The mission that drives our daily activities is to constantly transform with and within the contemporary culture. We are moved by a sense of responsibility, and the desire to change together with the world while raising awareness within us and around us.


Culture is essential to progress.

We root our identity deeply by actively collaborating with established institutions who share with us their extensive knowledge. At the same time, we strive to deliver innovative concepts thanks to a real connection with the vibrant, independent art scene.

Press About Us:

28 luglio 2021
ID Magazine

20 ottobre 2020

G-Club | nss magazine

12 maggio 2020

Wall Street International


4 maggio 2020


1 maggio 2020


7 aprile 2020