“Percorsi” is part of the macro-area of the projects that are driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards the younger generation and which seeks to raise awareness among the general public of the intrinsic power of artist practice, creating content that has a strong impact on the community.

The main purpose of the project is to bring the world of art therapy and artistic therapy closer to the world of prisons and of juvenile detention centers. OTTN works every day to bring art to schools and to reality where the use of culture and beauty is very difficult, as a source of education and "escape".

Through artistic practice, we will give inmates tools to understand beauty and learn to work on themselves and with others; to train their manual skills and escaping with the mind will help the participants to become better persons preparing them for the outside world.

All this will be possible thanks to the experience of professionals in the sector, art therapists and psychologists, and thanks to the collaboration with realities active in the field.

2020 OTTN Projects