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PERCORSI is a journey through the concept of helping others, knowing that this means enriching ourselves and our lives too.

These projects are driven by the desire of helping others through the highest potentials of art and communion.

Although we prefer to not disclosure these projects in order to protect the privacy of the people involved, mostly living in conditions of danger, we will gradually share with you the desire which moves the organizations, therapists, and the artists who accept to work together with us throughout the journey.

There is an intrinsic power to the artistic practice, strongly impacting the lives of those who enter in contact with it.

OTTN aims to add more projects of this kind to fill our days, for these are the projects we love the most, moreover, we are always accepting invitations from schools or organizations working with minorities for we believe in the power of education and rehabilitation through culture.


Every project we curate and produce is possible thanks to the knowledge of professionals with the greatest experience in the field.

This project is curated by Federica Pilloni

BOLOGNA, Comunità del Villaggio del Fanciullo


SintesiContemporanee is our very first project in the forever magical city of Bologna curated by Federica Pilloni and it consists of a series of creative labs designed for the community of the foreign unaccompanied minors del Villaggio del Fanciullo (Bologna). 

We are able to produce and curate this project thanks to the wonderful team of U.V.a.P.Ass.A. Bologna volunteer-based organization operating in the field for over 10 years. Without them we would have never had the chance of professionally approaching such an incredible, yet marginalized, community. 

UV.a. P.Ass.A’s educational and playful projects aim to develop and promote support activities driven by the desire of inclusion and the will for integration.

This community is formed by kids, between 14 and 18 y.o., arriving in Italy from foreign countries with no insurance, assistance or any adults/parents’ representation. 

By Italian law, our country must provide a safe space for growth and wellbeing to all these teens (and to any kid not living in an environment where bare life conditions aren’t granted).

SintesiContemporanee aims to develop every potential of contemporary culture by activating an emotional language through different types of creative activities and artist’s dialogues.


To know more about the activities of U.V.a.P.Ass.A. check their website at this link


1 Incontro - Yuri Cammisa

Yuri Cammisa Breakdance professional dancer, broke the ice with the very first lab and it gave us all an incredible energy so to develop all the following ones. Yuri thought the boys peculiar steps yet ended up by mixing his ones with the ones of the boys’ countries’ traditions. 

2 Incontro - Elisa Muliere

Visual artist and painter Elisa Muliere curated an artistic lab focusing on experiencing different techniques in the music and art environment. Music was central to guide these boys throughout the exercise. 

3 Incontro - Banana DJ

Giuseppe aka whtrsh shared the art of DJing by teaching the basics of it in an interactive and cross cultural game - including mixing Albanian and Bengali rap music. 

4 Incontro - Daniele Bendanti

The fourth meeting saw as guest Daniele Bendanti, Head Chef of the Oltre Restaurant in Bologna, who, during his cooking workshop, explained to the guys the recipe for preparing the chocolate cake.

5 Incontro - Mirko Geografo

Mirko Geografo, a professional roman boxer, during his sports workshop explains to the boys the noble art of boxing, often combined with the erroneous image of violence and crime. At the end of the lab all the equipment was given to the boys to continue training independently.

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