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21.09.2018 - 15.11.2018
Parma, Italy

Tony Futura, Christian Kage, Tom Palluch e Franz Xaver Sin are four artists from Berlin better known for their street art, street photography, and illustrations.”The Way Out!”! is a departure from a starting condition, both for the artists and for the gallery; the show aims to bring a European flavor to a small Italian town while being an interesting project and an exciting experiment. To quote the artists: “The way out is an attempt to take the basics of urban contemporary art and develop a personal vocabulary of patterns and forms”.
The Mori Center is pleased to feature new bodies of mixed media works from the Berlin-based artists whose intent is to explore the urban landscape from a different perspective. Specifically, in one room of the gallery Tony Futura, plays with the idea of nonexistent objects presented as colorful and complex sculptures to investigate the contemporary use and need of material goods with critical attitude; Christian Kage presents cities for what they actually are from his point of view with a series of black and white 35mm photographs. In the other room of the gallery, Tom Palluch uses electronic goods as moving installations to highlight human’s habits, finally, Franz Xaver Sin experiments with new graffiti techniques on canvas.
The explosion of colors and innovative ideas are in contrast with the external, more traditional, environ- ment of the old religious Italian square. The viewer is invited to question what is local or international, what is urban or intimate, what is traditional or contemporary, to finally create his personal vision of the places we live in.
The artists’ research and desire of experimentation meet the romantic architecture of Parma’s historic center offering an authentic experience to the audience. The show aims to allow an interesting journey for the spectator who is invited into a new dimension, created through the use of different materials (wood, plastic, glass, paper, and electronics).
“The Way Out!” has different meanings: for the artists is a way out of their own country, for the viewers is a way out their routine thanks to European aesthetic and sensations, finally for the gallery it means a way out the traditional idea of white cube, which for the occasion is marked and dirtied.

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